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Are you an entrepreneur? Do you dream of becoming an entrepreneur? Do you have a knowing in your core that you have a purpose in life that you MUST pursue but fear keeps shutting you down?

“Stand in the HEAT – Lessons from Legendary Entrepreneurs on Staying Cool Under Pressure” is the first book in a series by Glenn Carver on staying calm in the face of adversity. Inspired by the publishing phenomenon, Chicken Soup for the Soul, Glenn Carver has created a world-class brand that is a resource of hope, strategy, humor and results for millions of people struggling in the direction of their dreams.

Glenn believes there are more people "standing in the heat" today than at any point in our lifetime. The Stand in the HEAT brand will aggregate content from various groups such as Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Athletes, Single Moms, Teens, Addicts, etc. Fifteen legendary entrepreneurs, who have stood in the heat and prevailed, were interviewed for the first book.

Whether you are an entrepreneur or in corporate world, this book is a survival guide to establish the mindset needed to prevail!

Praise for Stand in the HEAT

“The true test of strength and character is how you react in a crisis – and this book gives you the tools to remain calm, positive and in control no matter what happens."

Brian Tracy - Author, Crunch Point

“The United States of America was forged by the spirit that is exemplified by these great entrepreneurs. It’s time that we Stand in the HEAT as a nation and once again find our strength. The lessons shared in Glenn’s book will give you resolve and show you the way!”

Ben Gay III - Author, The Closers

"It requires a ton of positive energy to incubate an idea from inception and build a successful, viable business. Those who have succeeded have done so because they were optimistic, resilient and courageous. I encourage you to read this book and learn from the trials, tribulations and triumphs of the entrepreneurs in this book so you can overcome your own challenges and create your own success story."

Jon Gordon - Best Selling Author, The Energy Bus and Training Camp-2

"I have always been a believer in the power of reading biographies. Glenn brings you fourteen entrepreneurs whose stories will be an example to you of what is possible if you live with honor, enthusiasm, tenacity and action."

Chip Eichelberger- CSP, International Speaker, Author

"Regardless of industry, the willingness and ability to embrace adversity and "turn it into opportunity is paramount to success. The great entrepreneurs in this book stayed cool under pressure long enough to see their dreams become reality - so can you!"

Richard Robbins- CEO, Richard Robbins International (Global Coaching Organization)

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